Girls In Aviation Day 2020 Update

As Girls in Aviation Day draws closer, we are sure many of you are wondering what the status of our annual chapter event is with the current state of COVID-19 and many activities still being canceled. 

Last week we participated in a Zoom meeting with International and representatives from chapters all over the world.  International shared that #GIAD20 will go on, if only virtually! They have committed to creating an App that would be launched on 9/26. We don’t have all the details yet, but the app will contain a ton of virtual content including 3 tracks for different age levels. Career panels, virtual tours, scholarship how to’s, career/ college information, etc. are some of the virtual experiences they have planned.  Activities will also be included, and are likely to be printed in the magazine as part of a mailed kit with swag.

Many decisions still need to be made. International is weighing whether or not to allow individual chapters to host in person events.  As each part of the country has had differing levels of severity with the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown orders and reopening status, it is difficult to make a blanket rule for every chapter but they also want to evaluate any liability concerns of exposure.  Our board members have discussed this and have decided to not move forward in planning an in-person event this year.  Aviation businesses are hurting and would make fundraising difficult, our proposed venue options are still undecided as to when they will be reopening and many parents will not be comfortable sending their child to such an event yet.  

As a chapter we plan to support the virtual experience led by International.  We will distribute more information on what that entails as we receive it.  In the mean time, International has said that if any members have ideas to share for virtual content on the app or something a member would like to make to contribute to please share it with International by this Friday June 12th. You can email your ideas to Molly Martin at or Kelly Murphy at  Content should be no more than 20 minutes and ideally between 5-10. Could be tours, interviews, activities, a Chapter introduction, anything! We know we have many creative and talented members and wanted to give you all the opportunity to share your gifts with International.

Thank you for all you do and stay safe!

Girls in Aviation Day is hosted by Atlanta Chapter of Women in Aviation. The event will expose girls and boys to aviation through challenging and exciting activities. We plan to spark an interest in aviation to all of those who attend, by introducing them to role models and educating them in a fun and supportive atmosphere! Attendees will have the opportunity to earn the Girl Scout Aviation Fun Patch.  



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